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A Path to be an Administrator of this website

This site archives the Indian film-related articles published in Japan. Film information sites such as ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ ‘IMDb’ or ‘Book My Show’ uploads both critics’ and users’ reviews, however, many Japanese film information sites shows users’ reviews only. Some review explains only about ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, which is not enough to judge the film to watch. Those reviews could have been paid and posted comments are bought at job search sites for freelance workers. It is unclear those reviews are posted to the review sites or not, it is not fair to judge the film titles only with users’ reviews.

On IMDb, some Indian films were rated as low at IMDb, after the political campaign by anti-fans, such as ‘Gunday'(2014) and ‘Chaapaak’ (2020). ‘Gunday’ was given the worst rate by social media campaign due to the criticism of the portrayal of Bangladesh in ’70s. ‘Chaapaak’ was also underrated on IMDb, by the social media campaign. It was reported in the media but IMDb has not corrected the rating. This incident made me not be blinded only by the users’ reviews. And this site was launched to archive critic and researchers’ views of Indian films released in Japan to share with other cinephiles.

[Clippings/ 関連記事]

Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor’s Gunday ranked worst film on IMDb
Crowdsourced campaign about film’s portrayal of Bangladesh is behind low ranking.
(BY STEVEN BAKER/ Digital Spy/ 02/05/2014)

Deepika’s ‘Chhapaak’ rated low on IMDB despite good reviews, targeted for JNU visit?

About the Administrator: My first Indian film

It was 2009 when the administrator met the first Indian film. A film titled ‘Navarasa’ (Director: Santosh Sivan/ 2005). Few years back then, in April 1998, when Tamil film ‘Muthu’ has made a storm at Japan’s box office, the administrator was in abroad to pursue the study. ‘Navarasa’ impressed the administrator’s view to watch various Indian films

With the experience as a magazine editor and public information work at international cooperation field,  the administrator started to support spreading the release and screening information of Indian films in Japan as a volunteer, which was the scratch of this ‘Indian Film Information Centre (Nakano Branch)’ activity. Branch name was taken from the city where the administrator lived. The first branch was located in Nakano, let’s hope the headquarter will be located in India in the future.